Kit Plastica Dos Fios Keratin Treatment 3x300ml/3x10.14fl.oz

Kit Plastica Dos Fios Keratin Treatment 3x300ml/3x10.14fl.oz


Kit Plástica dos Fios Selagem Térmica Smoothing System 3x300ml/3x10.1 fl.oz

The Kit Plástica dos Fios Selagem Térmica is an intensive treatment that reduces the volume, eliminates frizz and provides straight and controlled hair for up to 3 months. It deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair, promotes incredible shine and strengthens the structure, preventing breakage.

Its formula, Plástica dos Fios Kit Selagem Térmica, contains Arginine, Açaí Extract and Acetic Acid, whose antioxidant and protective action promotes complete hair regeneration and moisturizes hair in an efficient and prolonged manner.


Should not be applied to pregnant women, people with sensitive scalps and children.

Requirements: silicone gloves, hair dryer, iron, plastic tabs, comb, brush and a plastic container.

With wet hair, apply Step 1 Shampoo, massaging until lathered.  Wash twice in case of very resistant or very dirty hair. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Attention: do not rub the scalp.

Dry the hair 80% with the help of a hair dryer. Separate the hair into 6 sections (a vertical line separating the hair into two sections - right and left - and three horizontal sections - neck, middle, and front from the ears).

Put 20-40 ml of Step 2 Active in a container and put on silicone gloves. Apply to separate strands, two fingers away from the root.

Using a blow dryer on a cool jet, dry 100% of the strands, two strands at a time. It is important to dry two strands of hair at a time. This prevents the product from evaporating without effect.

To finish, use the flat iron. For blonde, damaged, or chemically treated hair, the temperature should not exceed 200°C. On normal, natural or resistant hair, the temperature should be 230°C.

Divide the hair in parts again. Separate a thin lock of hair and iron 10 times (temperature of 200°C) or 7 times (temperature of 230°C).

When hair is cool, rinse thoroughly with water. Apply the Restoring Mask Step 3 on the strands of hair, massaging gently the strands.

Leave applied for 5 minutes and rinse again. To finish dry the hair with a hair dryer.

Note: We recommend using this treatment with the help of a professional.


Straight and disciplined hair.

Package Contents

  • 01 Cadiveu Plástica dos Fios Step 1 Pre-Sealing Shampoo 300ml/10.1 fl.oz
  • 01 Cadiveu Plastic of the strands Step 2 Thermal Sealing 300ml/10.1 fl.oz
  • 01 Cadiveu Plastic of the Wire Step 3 Sealing Mask 300ml/10.1 fl.oz.


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