Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Shampoo and Mask Kit

Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Shampoo and Mask Kit


Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Shampoo and Mask Kit

The Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Kit, consisting of Shampoo and Revitalizing Mask, is the perfect combination for those looking for a complete hair care solution that promotes regeneration, vitality, intense shine and color protection. This exclusive set offers a high-performance treatment, combining innovation and responsibility with a new vision of beauty, celebrating each person's personal magic through empathy, self-love and authenticity.

Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Shampoo:
Formulated for all hair types, this shampoo starts the hair revitalization process by gently cleansing, removing impurities while preparing the hair to receive the deep treatment. With an application that involves massaging wet hair from the scalp to the ends and rinsing thoroughly, it provides a perfect base for the treatment mask, promoting regeneration and vitality from the very first application.

Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Revitalizing Mask:
Complementing the shampoo, the 500g mask is a beauty elixir enriched with pearl extract, rosehip oil and rose water. This luxurious blend penetrates deep into the hair, restoring its essential vitality and leaving it visibly rejuvenated, soft, healthy, luminous and shiny. Ideal for weekly use, this mask is the secret to radiant, full-of-life hair.

Directions for use
Wash: Start by applying Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Shampoo to wet hair, gently massaging from scalp to ends and rinsing. If necessary, repeat the application to ensure deep cleansing.
Deep Treatment: After shampooing, apply Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Revitalizing Mask to damp hair, distributing evenly from roots to ends. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Finish: Continue with the usual drying and styling. For even better results, finish with a light conditioner to seal the cuticles.
This kit represents a new generation of hair care, where beauty, responsibility and innovation meet to reveal the unique magic of each individual. Try the Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Kit to transform your hair, celebrating your own essence through authentic and deeply revitalizing care.

Package contents:
01 - Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Revitalizing Mask 500g/17.6oz
01-Magic Beauty Crystal Glow Shampoo 250ml/8.5fl.oz


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